“I would like to offer an unsolicited endorsement of Leaf Air, especially James Barrett and Christopher Abrams, the flight instructors who support Leaf Air. I started my flight instruction with them in the summer of 2008 and completed my private pilot’s license with their help and instruction early in 2010. I started my instrument training with them and expect to complete my instrument training by the end of 2010.

Throughout the course of my relationship with Jim and Chris, they have been professional, polite and extremely accommodating. I would recommend them as flight instructors without hesitation to anyone interested in pursuing private pilot or instrument rating. The quality of their instruction is topnotch, and their concern is consistently on safety and client satisfaction.” Sincerely, Richard A. Sauders, M.D.

“Jim, I enjoy flying with you! You correct without causing the student to feel “stupid”. You are patient with student efforts to implement your advice. You are just in your requirements and evaluations.” Thanks, Pastor Guy Goodell

“I highly recommend Leaf Air for flight training.  I started my training in April 2008 while stationed at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit in Ballston Spa, and finished my private pilot certificate in May 2009.  During all of my training, regardless of which instructor I flew with, safety and good “head work” or situational awareness was always emphasized and stressed upon. 

I have since received a commission in the Navy and owe a lot of my success throughout flight school to the fundamental foundations of safety and situational awareness that were instilled in me while training at Leaf Air.  While at Leaf Air, I was able to develop my stick and rudder skills while being safe and being aware of other pilots that may or may not be flying safely.  Glens Falls is a great place to train because it gives you experience with the difficulties of flying into an uncontrolled field but also is close enough to controlled airspace to get good training with getting into and out of towered fields.  All in all, my experience with Leaf Air was invaluable.  Jim and the staff of Leaf Air, ensures that the pilots they produce are of the highest quality and over all well rounded.  Leaf Air does not produce many pilots, but they do produce some of the best and the safest.”
Sincerely, Matthew Wallner, Ensign USN

“I send mentored graduates of flight academies To Fly with Jim Barrett as the ultimate “finishing school” for pilots. Jim respects each pilot’s ratings, always curious to observe basic flying skills, the foundation for a lifetime of safe flying. When Jim detects any weakness, he first tries to figure out in his own mind why a pilot performed or reacted in a manner, which caught his critical eye, and always encourages pilots towards excellence and mastery. Observing Jim from the back seat has given me additional markers to improve my own general aviation flying. During World War II, the German U-boat threat along the east coast obliged Boston-native and legendary pilot examiner Guy A. “Gus” Ham to relocate his Army Air Corps flying screening program from Cape Cod to Glens Falls. After the war, finding the Glens Falls community most agreeable, Gus stayed and ran the local flight operation through the 1960’s. Jim and I share the treasure of having Gus certify us both To Fly! And now Jim is continuing this storied tradition of flying training and scenic flights here in Glens Falls.” Thank You, Gary Loughrey – Retired Air Force C141 Flight Examiner/Instructor/Aircraft Commander; Commercial Airline Pilot

“To all those considering a flight school, I would like to first take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Jim Barrett and Leaf Air for making my dream of becoming a pilot a reality. I would also like to recommend the flight school to prospective students looking to be future aviators.     

I received my Private Pilot Certificate through Jim Barrett’s tutelage in February of 2013. I found his instruction to be second to none, and through hard work, determination, and Jim’s talent as a teacher, I passed the FAA practical test standards the first time. The learning atmosphere was always positive, and failure was never an option. On occasion, I still continue to fly with Jim today to broaden my knowledge as a private pilot and to prepare for my next goal, an instrument rating.              

I continually rent from Leaf Air. The aircraft is meticulously cared for and maintained to FAA standards. Availability has never been an issue, and cost has always been reasonable.

I am employed as a Detective Sergeant with the Vermont State Police, and free time is not often a commodity I get to enjoy. With the rigors of the job and quality time with the family limited, I wanted a flight school advantageous to my life. I did not have to look far after finding Leaf Air. Even with the fact I commute to Glens Falls, New York from Vermont to fly, I’ve never regretted my decision.  

Flying takes cognitive skills, and many times my landings would be less than perfect during lessons, and each time I’d hear that familiar Jim Barrett voice, “Do it again,” and off we’d go to try another one. So in closing, I simply say this: I’d “Do it again,” If I had to do it all over.” Sincerely, David Sutton

“I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of my flight instructor, James Barrett of Leaf Air LLC, PO Box 142 Glens Falls, NY 12801. I recently received my private pilot certificate for fixed wing aircraft thanks to James Barrett’s excellent training program. I am a canine handler with New York State Police and am employed full time. I received my training form James Barrett over a six month period and was able to pass my practical test on my first attempt with no problems.

We followed the approved Jeppeson syllabus for flight training step by step throughout the entire process. I had very few lessons cancelled throughout the training. All cancellations were notified to me as early as possible and were only due to weather and illness. The learning environment was very positive and comfortable, coupled with both home study and face to face instruction. My instructors training aircraft is in superb shape and is strictly maintained to FAA standards. James Barrett’s training program is an excellent program that I would recommend to all.” Sincerely, Trooper Brian D. Rumrill

“I really miss the time that I spent with Leaf Air. As a college student from China, I had a dream to be a pilot when I was four years old. At the beginning, I was afraid of talking through radio because I am a foreigner, however, you encouraged me to keep talking through radio and listening to Live ATC at home to improve the ability. Finally I made talking as my nature in the sky. You are a very patient instructor who keeps encouraging me when I keep having bad performance. You are an experienced instructor, and you are really good at finding proper ways to explain everything to me. As a foreigner, I never felt any communication barrier when we talk. By looking at my logbook now, I can think of almost everything your taught me in every lesson. You never wasted my time, and you helped me to save my money. I will never forget how nice you were to take the responsibility of my learning. ” Tao Huang, licensed in May 2017